O ur Journey

It was spring of 2008. After a long day of work our stomachs longed for a nice pie delivered hot to our house. Unfortunately, given our geographical location outside of Kiel, our options were limited…like none. We set out to fix this. Having driven past an old empty building almost daily, Jen thought it would be the perfect spot to open a small pizza place and offer delivery to the city of Kiel and outlying areas. By October 2008 our dream became a reality and Parker John’s Pizza was born. Named after our son, Parker John, we tailored the concept towards kids and offered pizza, wings and spaghetti in a family friendly atmosphere. And that delivery we talked about, that was pretty popular from the start.

Fast forward three years and we’re deep in the recession. Family budgets tightened and in house business slowly dwindled. One thing remained strong, the locals enjoying those hot pies delivered to their home or business. We took the few discretionary dollars we had, bought a smoker and borrowing on our three years of restaurant work in Kansas City, closed for two weeks and reopened as Parker John’s BBQ and Pizza. We haven’t really looked back since.

Why BBQ and Pizza? Well it’s two of our favorite foods and since we already had the pizza down we saw no reason to take it away. Our smoker fired up on October 28 of 2011 and worked tirelessly up until its passing on May 23, 2016. Many of guests enjoyed the slow smoked meats that it kicked out, often times smoking around the clock to keep up with demand. Over the years a lot has changed. Our smoker has now more than doubled in size, the menu has become a bit more diverse and our focus on preparing everything from scratch has never been stronger. From our BBQ sauces to our beans, potato salad to rib rub everything is done in house to assure our guests are getting a product we are all proud to call Parker John’s. And that smoker we talked about, it welcomes ribs, turkey, pork, brisket and our jumbo wings on a daily basis with open arms.

Our goal is to continue the tradition of great slow smoked meats served up in a laid back atmosphere for years to come. And what about that pizza you may ask? Don’t worry, we still like to crack a beer at home after a long day of work and see that little car pull up with that hot pie we craved many years ago. As we begin to move outside of Kiel and add new locations we would like to thank you, our guests, for being a part of our success.

Thank you for stopping and we hope to see you back real soon.


Aaron, Jennifer, Ava & Parker John